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09h20 Welcome: Jordi Duch, Oriol Farràs, Luis Pedro Montejano and Alejandro Estrada
09h30 "Automated region of interest localization on breast histological images", Alessio Fiorin
09h45 "Exploring Graph Transformer Models forMolecular Regression Tasks", Sarah A. Fadlallah
10h00 "Use of saliency maps in chemestry graph regression models", Natàlia Segura-Alabart
10h15 Invited talk 1 - Ismael González-Yero

Ismael González-Yero

Universidad de Cádiz

Ismael Gonzalez Yero obtained his Ph. D. on graph theory at Rovira i Virgili University in 2010, and is nowadays, Associate Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad) at the Department of Mathematics, University of Cadiz. He enjoys doing research on some graph theory topics, including domination and metric graph theory with some applications. In these areas, he has published more than 120 articles in specialized journals, has delivered several talks in international conferences, and has supervised a few Ph. D. students. He also belongs to the editorial boards of some scientific journals and has reviewed a large number of scientific articles from several of his colleagues.

11h00 Cofee break
11h20 "Modeling Multicore Contention in Critical Real-Time Embedded Systems", Xavier Palomo Teruel
11h35 "Cost-efficient Stream Processing with Serverless Functions", Pablo Gimeno Sarroca
11h50 "Challenges of Serverless Scientific Data Analysis: Genomics Variant Calling Use-Case", Aitor Arjona
12h05 "Enhancing text anonymization via re-identification risk-based explainability", Benet Manzanares-Salor
12h20 Invited talk 2 - Sandra Guasch Castelló

Sandra Guasch


Sandra Guasch Castelló is a privacy engineer at SandboxAQ, where she works on quantum-resistant privacy-preserving technologies. She got her PhD from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) on individual verifiability in electronic voting in 2016. During her career, she has worked in different areas of applied cryptography and cybersecurity including the design and evaluation of electronic voting protocols, secure software lifecycle management, secure systems design, compliance and ethical hacking.

13h05 Workshop clousure