This workshop is organized by the Doctoral Program on Computer Science and Mathematics of Security, with the aim of promoting the dissemination of ideas, methods and results that are developed in the Doctoral Thesis of the students in this program.

In addition, the workshop is open to the rest of post-graduate students of Universitat Rovira i Virgili who are interested in the topics of research involved in this doctorate. PhD students will present their current research work in a general way so that it can be followed by non-expert students of other related areas.

The workshop will have some invited talks, oral presentations and posters covering the following main research lines:

  • Security and privacy in computer systems
  • Artificial intelligence, robotics and vision
  • Telematic architectures and complex networks
  • Mathematics

Due to the diversity of topics, it is sometimes difficult to have a clear picture of what are studying the different groups involved in this doctoral program. In that way, the workshop will let to all the participants know what research is currently done, and it will also bring a good opportunity for the exchange and discussion of the ideas presented so that everyone can enrich from the expertise of the others.

The language of the workshop is English. We will publish a Book of Abstracts of all the contributions (oral and poster).


General chairs

  • Dr. Luis Pedro Montejano
  • Dr. Alejandro Estrada

Organizing commitee

  • Dr. Oriol Farràs
  • Dr. Jesús A. Manjón
  • Olga Segú


Sala de Graus de l'ETSE, Campus Sescelades, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Avinguda Països Catalans, 26, 43007 Tarragona.